The Nighthawk Difference


Many camps for kids with cancer are available all over the country, each offering water sports, ropes courses, archery, arts and crafts, and other camp-like activities. And these are all great – we have them too! We also spend a night camping under the stars where you can enjoy the tradition of s’mores and stories. Campers can try their hand at building a log cabin. Nighthawk Ranch also offers a great music program featuring outstanding talents – and there are lots of instruments to play.

As the sun rises, Nighthawk Ranch is already bustling with activity as the goats, cows, and horses wait to be fed. Our campers awaken early, enjoy a quick snack (breakfast comes after the animals are fed) and then turn their energy and attention toward a day that will be packed with ranch projects and horsemanship sessions. A camper can put aside his or her own troubles in the immediate job of caring for the horse. Horses are large and strong, which challenges a person to overcome his fear in order to work with the animal. Horses mirror moods, too; they respond negatively to negative emotions, teaching the camper that his behavior can affect others, and making it necessary to modify behavior in order to work successfully with the animal.

One of the highlights of ranch life is being able to ride horses, go on trail rides and join in on a cattle drive through the hills and valleys surrounding the ranch. Nighthawk Ranch campers have many opportunities to enjoy and be inspired by the majestic natural environment that makes this such a beautiful location.