Outdoor Activities 2

Horseback Riding

Each camper at Nighthawk Ranch will groom and ride their own horse every day of their one-week camp session.


Horseback Riding

As part of the horseback riding program, campers will explore the gorgeous surrounding land.


Cattle Drive

The last full day the campers have the opportunity to experience a mini-cattle drive. How cool is that?!


Feeding The Cows

Nighthawk Ranch is a working ranch and there are cows that need to be fed. And, yes, this means getting up early and carefully handing out the hay and the patty cakes. After the cows are fed, then it’s the campers’ turn and they get to go back to the main house for a yummy home-made breakfast!


Walking Path

If you love nature, animals and fresh air, then you will love the walking path at Nighthawk Ranch. Be prepared to experience wildlife up close and personal. And, if you just want to sit and contemplate among the pines and aspens there are many log benches along the way just for that purpose.


Ropes Course

Okay, guys and gals, this is an ultimate ropes course. Time will fly as you work your way through this obstacle course of ropes, tires, balance beams and wires. Our volunteer counselors are always on hand, to not only make sure you have gloves and hats on to keep you safe, but to offer lots of support and encouragement.


Archery Course

Have you ever held a bow and arrow and shot at a target? Well, when you experience archery at Nighthawk Ranch in these unique and gorgeous surroundings, you will feel transported to another world. Make you feel nervous? Don’t worry, instructors will be there providing lessons and encouragement.


Log Cabin Building

How would you like to tell your friends that you helped build a log cabin? Yes, you heard me right. Build your own log cabin with other kids, and when you are done you can even spend the night in it.



Even if you have gone camping before, at Nighthawk Ranch, it is a different experience. The camaraderie with your fellow campers and the volunteers will make you feel like singing around the campfire. And while you’re at it… toast some marshmallows and make some s’mores!


Indoor Activities

Endless Current Swimming Pool

This is a clear favorite with the kids. Test your strength and skill and swim against an endless current in this very cool swimming pool. If it’s super-cold outside… so what? This fun activity is inside so you can have fun any time of day and in any season.


Air Hockey

This is an old favorite your parents may have introduced you to. Have fun with one of the volunteers or one of the other kids. But, be careful… it is addictive!


Table Tennis

Okay, everyone knows how to play table tennis — so show us your stuff and have some fun!



How is your eye and hand coordination? Darts is the perfect activity to sharpen these skills, and a fun way to compete. This activity will definitely get you primed for the archery course!


Board Games

If you like Board Games you will love playing Monopoly, Sorry and Uno. If there is a particular board game that you absolutely love – let us know and we will do our best to make sure it is there for you and the others at the ranch to enjoy.


Work on various projects, and what you make – you can take home! Give it as a gift to a loved one or keep it for yourself as a momento of your stay at Nighthawk Ranch.

There are so many things to do at Nighthawk Ranch — or you can do nothing much at all. If you are like us, If you’re like us, sometimes you just want to chill and may want to hang out in the Reading Area and Library.