“The Nighthawk Ranch is stunning. I’m really glad that Tom and Dorothy created this place for kids with cancer because it’s just going to bring so much to their well-being. I know that when the kids get a chance to come here they are going to feel like a kid again. And I think parents can feel very comfortable sending their kids here. I’m a licensed social worker myself and I’ve worked with cancer patients of all types for the past 10 years. And safety is really important. So I’ve been really impressed with Nighthawk Ranch and Tom & Dorothy have really thought of everything – I mean their facilities are luxurious, but also completely safe and top-notch. And, more importantly, the staff that they have assembled are all licensed professionals and have had lots of experience working with kids with medical problems and I know they will have a doctor or a nurse on call for their programs. There is no reason for parents not to feel at ease and to know that their kids are medically safe here.”
Kelly Turner, PHD
Researcher of integrative Oncology


“Nighthawk Ranch is an extraordinary facility. It’s located in a magnificently beautiful area surrounded by trees and mountains and wilderness, so you really feel like you are surrounded by nature, which has a healing impact on its own. And beyond that, they have created all these great activities that the kids can engage in. The treatment of any illness really requires multiple approaches at the same time and medical care in the case of cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation are essential, but this really only addresses one aspect of care. Another aspect that gets lost is the psycho-social-emotional aspect. So something needs to be done to remove kids from the medical/hospital experience (and the fear that surrounds that) into an experience that builds their confidence and to allows them to feel like children again. There has to be some kind of change to allow healing to happen. And Nighthawk Ranch is a facility, in an environment designed to allow that experience to happen.”
Aaron Teich, L.Ac.
Director and Co-Founder of Shuniya & Healing


“We just arrived home. Tyler is settling in. It won’t surprise you to know that he talked the whole 2 hour drive home. He told us about his horse Oolie (and Salsa, his best friend), the wolves, the other campers, scary ghost stories and so much more. He loves Tom and Dorothy like they are his own grandparents….Thank you for the journal, the photo album, the pictures (unbelievable!), the awards, the belt buckle and all the love you showed my son this week. I think he wants to move to Colorado and visit Wyoming!”
From my heart always,


“Thank you Dorothy and Tom for hosting our amazing kids from Candlelighters of New York City. You have shared your home and your hearts with these little heroes, who have endured so much and truly deserve and need the healing that your Nighthawk Ranch brings to them.”
God Bless you and all of your volunteers who made these times so special.
Always yours,
Barbara Zobian
Candlelighters of NYC


“It is so good to hear from you. Your camp is the best that we have ever seen, and I can’t thank you enough for letting Dean be a part. The family was so impressed with all the little touches and the special souvenirs Dean brought home. We have never seen anything like that, and let me tell you those little details made a huge difference. I shared the pictures with family and friends, and the feedback was amazing. It is very clear to everyone that this is a unique and wonderful experience.”
Warm Regards,


“We just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience you gave to Danielle last week. We absolutely enjoyed receiving the pictures every day to see how much fun she was having…She wishes she could go there every other week of more if we would let her…Thanks for the amazing volunteers and great care that each of you took of Danielle, you truly became like an extended family to her. There are so many things I would like to say to each of you, but works cannot really express how grateful we are for the job you gave her through your generosity. I have included a short note that Danielle wanted to write to say thank you as well.”
God bless you all
Steve and Rebecca


“Hi Guys – I just wanted to say thanks for letting me go to the camp. I love horses and dogs and it was just the time of my life. I hope to come back next year and have the time of my life. How old did you say the ages could go?”


“Dear Mr. Tom & Mrs. Dorothy,
Thank you sooo much for inviting me to your ranch. Nighthawk was amazing. I loved getting to spend time with my “twin.” It was really fun feeding Steak and Randy and Z and the other cows. Swimming and the “dorm” was also awesome. The food was really good too. One of my all time favorite parts was Rodeo. He was an amazing horse. I loved that he was kind of mine for a week. Nighthawk is just absolutely amazing!! THank you so much for inviting me again! The game/reading room was Amazing!!! I loved playing Ping-Pong and air hockey and all those books are awesome!! You guys are sooo generous!!I had the BEST week EVER!! Thanks SO much!! Everything about Nighthawk Rocked! (I’m surprised you guys would put up with all the noise!) I wish I could go back next year, but I know there’s lots of other girls who would love to go. Thank you guys sooo much again! If you see Lauren please say hi!”

Lauren M. AKA ‘Squirrel’